Set of 4 “Pure Whiskey” Shot Glasses

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Immerse yourself in a unique tasting experience with the “Whiskey Pure” shot glass. Featuring a distinctive design with a concave shape in the middle, this glass is specially designed for whiskey lovers who want to savor every drop.

Features :

  • Unique Design: The concave shape in the center not only adds an aesthetic touch but also allows better aeration of the whiskey, thus intensifying its aromas.
  • Perfect Tasting: Its size and shape are ideal for tasting and appreciating whiskey at its true value.
  • Premium Quality: Made with the highest quality glass, it is sturdy yet has a delicate appearance.

💡 Tip from our store: This glass is perfect for those who want to enjoy quality whiskey. Its design is not only attractive but also improves tasting.

Add an extra dimension to your moments of relaxation with the "Whiskey Pure" shot glass. Perfect as a gift or to enhance your own collection, it is the ideal companion for evenings with friends or moments of solo relaxation.

Capacity: 15ml

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