Whiskey Stone

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Whiskey stones, also called " whiskey stones " or "chilling stones", are alternatives to traditional ice cubes for cooling alcoholic beverages like whiskey. Here are their uses as well as some tips for use:

Usefulness :

  1. Cooling without dilution: The main advantage of whiskey stones is that they cool your drink without diluting it, unlike ice cubes which melt.
  2. Aesthetics: They add a touch of elegance to your glass.
  3. Reusable: Unlike ice cubes, you can use them over and over again.

Directions for use :

  1. Pre-chill: Before using, place the whiskey stones in the freezer for at least 4 hours to thoroughly chill.
  2. Usage: For most drinks, using 2 to 3 stones is enough to achieve the desired level of freshness.
  3. Cleaning: After use, wash each stone by hand with warm water and mild soap. Dry them before putting them back in the freezer.
  4. Storage: Always store your whiskey stones in the freezer so they are ready to use.
  5. Caution: Do not chew or swallow the stones.

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