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Ice cubes are that ingredient that few people know the real place in a cocktail. If the majority think that they are used to make their drinks more refreshing, they also have other purposes. Indeed, they will also have a capital importance in the dissolution and taste that your mixture will have. To take full advantage of it, don't hesitate to get an ice maker.

A must-have bar accessory

If you want to create delicious cocktails, you need to invest in quality bar accessories . In fact, many people think that a simple refrigerator or freezer is enough to create chunks of ice, but this is not the case!

By opting for a machine dedicated to making them, you can be sure of obtaining ice cubes that are as aesthetic as they are of high quality. Goodbye to cracks and cubes that melt in no time and spoil the aromas of your festive drinks.

How to choose your ice maker?

You should know that the purchase of an ice maker must be done according to various parameters.

The format : the dimensions and the built-in format or not of such a bar accessory are criteria that should not be neglected so that it fits perfectly into your space.

Production capacity : it varies depending on the model. The machines you will use for your small bar can produce up to 20 kg of ice cubes per day. While professional devices can produce more than 600 kg per day.

The shape of the ice cubes produced: while the majority of machines create ice cubes, there are some that produce rounded or hollow ice cubes.

The existence or not of a container : the cooling container will store the ice cubes while you use them. This therefore allows for better optimization of your time.

Other features: such a bar accessory can be equipped with a timer, an LED display, a self-cleaning system, etc.