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Pelle à Glace en acier - Le Coin Du Barman : Le Spécialiste Des CocktailsPelle à Glace en acier - Le Coin Du Barman : Le Spécialiste Des Cocktails
Steel Ice Shovel Sale priceFrom 7,99€
Cuillère à glace en Or - Le Coin Du Barman : Le Spécialiste Des Accessoires Pour Cocktails
Gold ice cream scoop Sale price9,50€

Ice is of paramount importance in bars and restaurants. It brings all the essential freshness to a cocktail as well as to the most diverse drinks, alcoholic or not.

It is no coincidence that the ice scoop is an accessory used daily by bartenders. It allows them to pour ice cubes and crushed ice precisely into the mixing glass, into the serving glass as well as into any other container (champagne bucket/basin, etc.). It avoids having to touch the ice in the room, in the kitchen or at the ice maker and allows all food hygiene standards to be respected.

Le Coin du Barman has selected for you the most practical and robust ice scoops with rounded/flat bottoms.

Metal ice scoop: Aluminum, stainless steel

Stainless steel ice scoops are the strongest. These are generally those favored by all professional establishments. They even allow you to separate blocks of ice before crushing it. Bartenders most often choose models with slots that make it easy to drain ice and instantly remove excess water before pouring it into a drink. The surface of some metal shovels is even plated (gold, silver, gold, pink, rainbow, etc.) while other more designer ones are cylindrical.

Colored ice scoop in polycarbonate or silicone

The polycarbonate shovel, an ultra-resistant plastic, is also perfectly suited to professional use. Lightweight, with/without slot, of different capacities and depths, it is available in multiple colors (black, gold, silver gray, transparent, pink, etc.).
The materials used for the scoops leave no taste on the ice and are selected for their safety. All shovels have a handle with an ergonomic handle, but some professionals prefer models with a more insulating silicone handle. It's up to you to choose the model that suits you best from the Le Coin du Barman range.