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“Hammer” bottle display Sale price129,99€
Luminous decoration for bottle Sale priceFrom 25,90€
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“Pic” bottle display Sale price149,99€ Regular price199,99€
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“Electro guitar” bottle displayimage4
“Electro guitar” bottle display Sale price169,99€ Regular price219,99€
Lighted letter signLighted letter sign
Lighted letter sign Sale priceFrom 229,90€

Festive Accessory: Light Up Your Celebrations!

Festive accessories are essential to bring all your celebrations to life, whether it's a birthday, an end-of-year party or a simple evening with friends. These unique pieces add a touch of sparkle, color and creativity to every event, ensuring that every moment becomes unforgettable.

Among our flagship festive accessories, discover our light panels . They brighten up any space, creating a warm and welcoming atmosphere. Ideal for transmitting messages or simply brightening up a dark corner of the room.

Our bottle displays are not left out. They transform the way you serve and present your drinks. With an elegant design, they showcase your bottles while adding a touch of sophistication to your table or bar.

And of course, let's not forget our fun decorations . These elements add a dose of joy and fantasy to your festivities. Be it garlands, balloons or any other decorative items, they are designed to inject fun into your party.

Browse our “Festive Accessories” collection and discover how we can transform your next celebration into a spectacular event!