“Terrestrial Globe” Whiskey Carafe

With: 2 globe glasses
Volume: 650ml
Sale price49,90€

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🥃 Features:

  • Elegant Design: This globe-shaped decanter sports an elegantly designed vessel inside, bringing a touch of adventure and sophistication to every sip.

  • Robust Base: The decanter is solidly anchored on a mahogany-stained wooden support, accentuating its charm while ensuring impeccable stability.

  • Leakproof Cap: The cap provides an airtight seal, ensuring that your drink retains all its freshness and authentic flavors.

🥂 Advantages:

  • Centerpiece: This decanter not only serves your favorite drink, it also serves as a decorative object, capturing the attention of your guests.

  • Premium Quality: Clear borosilicate glass beautifully highlights the hue of your beverage, while being durable for everyday use.

  • Perfect Gift Idea: With its unique design and functionality, it is the ideal gift for spirits lovers or to mark a special occasion.

💡 Directions for use:

It is recommended to rinse the decanter with lukewarm water and use a mild soap before its first use. To maintain the shine and clarity of the glass, avoid abrasive brushes or harsh detergents. After cleaning, let air dry or wipe with a soft cloth to prevent marks or streaks.

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