Boston Cocktail Kit

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Start making delicious drinks at home with this Boston cocktail kit!

It comes with all the tools you need to make professional -quality cocktails , including a 500ml Boston shaker, 26cm cocktail spoon, 15 and 30ml double measuring cup, ice tongs, 2 bottle caps, 2 pourers and an ice brush.

This complete kit is perfect for any budding mixologist and makes an ideal gift for the cocktail lover in your life. With this handy kit , you'll be able to prepare mouth-watering drinks in no time!

  • Boston Cocktail Shaker in stainless steel 500 ml
  • 33cm cocktail spoon to mix everything
  • Cocktail Measuring Glass 15ml / 30ml (i.e. 1.5cl / 3cl)
  • Measuring cup Cocktail 30ml / 45ml (i.e. 1.5cl / 3cl)
  • 2 Pouring Spouts
  • 1 Cocktail muddler
  • 1 Ice tong
  • 2 Bottle caps

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