“AK-47” Whiskey Decanter

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🥃 Features:

  • Unique Design: The decanter is carefully shaped to resemble a replica of the AK 47 (750ml), with meticulously reproduced details.
  • Display: The carafe is mounted on a wooden display, allowing for an elegant presentation and easy handling when pouring.
  • Matching Glasses: Included are glasses to enjoy your favorite drink, perfectly matched to the carafe (250ml).

🥂 Advantages:

  • Conversation Item: Thanks to its unique design, this carafe is sure to become a topic of conversation at your receptions or evenings.
  • High Quality: Made of high quality glass, ensuring the clarity and purity of your whiskey.
  • Ideal Gift: For those who appreciate both military design and a good glass of whiskey.

💡 Directions for use: As with any carafe, it is recommended to rinse it with lukewarm soapy water before first use. When filling, pour slowly to avoid overflow. Once the whiskey is poured, make sure to close the bottle tightly to maintain the aroma and freshness of your drink.

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