“Nuit Urbaines” glass dispenser

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Discover the “Nuits Urbaines” glass dispenser, a perfect solution for lively evenings in the city. With its compact design and clean lines, it is not only functional but also a real decorative object.

🥂 Features:

  • Urban Design: The dispenser features a modern style with touches of bright colors that give it a distinctive touch.
  • Quick Service: It allows you to fill several glasses in a single gesture, ideal for serving your guests without waiting.
  • Durable Materials: Made from sturdy materials, it is built to last while being easy to clean.
  • Compact: Its small size makes it perfect for small spaces or crowded tables.

🍹 Ideal for:

  • Evenings on city rooftops
  • Intimate events with friends
  • People looking for a blend of functionality and aesthetics in their bar equipment

💡 Tip: Make sure to position the dispenser on a flat, stable surface for optimal service.


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