“Collins” Cocktail Glass

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Ideal for tasting a Mojito or a lemon-based drink. This glass awakens freshness and beach.

How to make a Mojito:

Preparation of the mint-lemon mixture :

  • In a shaker , put the mint leaves and lime.
  • Use a pestle to lightly crush the mint leaves and lime together. The goal is to release the oils from the mint and the juice from the lime without crushing the leaves into small pieces.
  • Add the sugar and mix lightly so that it begins to dissolve into the lime juice.

Adding ice :

  • If you prefer crushed ice, you can place ice cubes in a sturdy freezer bag and crush them with a muddler . Once crushed, add the crushed ice to the glass.
  • If you're using whole ice cubes, simply add them to the shaker after crushing the mint and lemon.

Adding the rum: Pour the rum into the glass.

Top up with sparkling water: pour sparkling water until almost filling the glass.

Mix : Stir gently to combine everything with a stirrer.

Decorate: Garnish with a sprig of mint or a slice of lemon if desired.

PS : For a variation, you can add fruits like strawberries or raspberries for a fruit mojito.

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