Glass chest Chinese astrological signs

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Discover this famous chest with these glasses in Chinese astrological signs.

Chinese astrological signs are based on a twelve-year cycle , with each year associated with an animal. These signs are used primarily in Chinese culture to determine a person's character, personality and destiny based on the year of their birth .

  1. Rat (鼠, shǔ):

    • Characteristics: Intelligent, charismatic, charming, ambitious.
    • Compatibility: Dragon, Monkey, Ox.
    • Incompatibility: Horse, Goat, Rabbit.
  2. Ox (牛, niú):

    • Characteristics: Reliable, methodical, pragmatic, determined.
    • Compatibility: Rat, Rooster, Snake.
    • Incompatibility: Goat, Horse, Dog.
  3. Tiger (虎, hǔ):

    • Characteristics: Courageous, adventurous, passionate, unpredictable.
    • Compatibility: Horse, Dog.
    • Incompatibility: Monkey, Snake.
  4. Rabbit (兔, tù):

    • Characteristics: Cautious, reserved, artistic, good judges.
    • Compatibility: Goat, Pig, Dog.
    • Incompatibility: Rat, Dragon.
  5. Dragon (龙, long):

    • Characteristics: Charismatic, intellectual, enthusiastic, energetic.
    • Compatibility: Rat, Monkey, Rooster.
    • Incompatibility: Dog, Rabbit.
  6. Snake (蛇, she):

    • Characteristics: Wise, mysterious, charming, lucky.
    • Compatibility: Ox, Rooster.
    • Incompatibility: Tiger, Pig.
  7. Horse (马, mǎ):

    • Characteristics: Energetic, independent, impatient, adventurous.
    • Compatibility: Tiger, Goat, Dog.
    • Incompatibility: Rat, Ox, Rooster.
  8. Goat (羊, yáng):

    • Characteristics: Gentle, peaceful, creative, kind.
    • Compatibility: Horse, Rabbit, Pig.
    • Incompatibility: Ox, Tiger.
  9. Monkey (猴, hóu):

    • Characteristics: Clever, lively, curious, astute.
    • Compatibility: Dragon, Rat.
    • Incompatibility: Tiger, Pig.
  10. Rooster (鸡, jī):

    • Characteristics: Observers, hardworking, courageous, talented.
    • Compatibility: Ox, Dragon, Snake.
    • Incompatibility: Rabbit, Dog, Horse.
  11. Dog (狗, gǒu):

    • Characteristics: Loyal, honest, kind, careful.
    • Compatibility: Tiger, Horse, Rabbit.
    • Incompatibility: Dragon, Goat, Rooster.
  12. Pork (猪, zhū) or Pig:

    • Characteristics: Generous, compassionate, responsible, hardworking.
    • Compatibility: Goat, Rabbit.
    • Incompatibility: Snake, Monkey.

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