Boston Cocktail Kit 2

Quantity: 750ML
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Start making delicious drinks at home with this Boston 2.0 cocktail kit!

This complete kit is perfect for any budding mixologist and makes an ideal gift for the cocktail lover in your life. With this handy kit , you'll be able to prepare mouth-watering drinks in no time!

  1. Pourer : A device for pouring liquid in a controlled manner, measuring 12mm.
  2. Strainer : Perforated tool for filtering mixtures, measuring 82mm.
  3. Double-Sided Jigger : A cone-shaped instrument used for measuring liquids, measuring 69mm on one side (for 30ml) and 35mm on the other (for 15ml).
  4. Cap : Used to close bottles, with a height of 90mm.
  5. Shaker : Transparent container for mixing ingredients, 24cm x 6cm.
  6. Pestle : Cylindrical tool measuring 20.5mm x 33mm, used to crush ingredients such as fruits or herbs.
  7. Ice cube tongs : 18.5cm tongs for grabbing and moving ice cubes.
  8. Spoon & Fork : 26cm, double-sided utensil for stirring and scooping ingredients.
  9. Stirring stick : 19cm thin stem for stirring drinks.

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