Whiskey box "The Barman's Corner"

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Here is the favorite at Le Coin du Barman, presented in an elegant wooden box. Ideal for whiskey lovers and those looking for a distinguished gift.

🥃 Features:

  • Carved Glasses: Two finely carved whiskey glasses, perfect for enjoying your drink in style.
  • Chilling Stones: Included to cool your whiskey without diluting it, thus preserving all its flavor.
  • Quality Wooden Box: A sumptuously finished wooden chest exuding a feeling of luxury.
  • Ice Tongs: To handle whiskey stones with cleanliness and precision.
  • Carry Bag: An embroidered pouch for storing and transporting whiskey stones.
  • Thank You Card: A nice added touch, with the inscription "Thank You", making this set an ideal gift.

🥂 Advantages:

  • Ultimate Tasting Experience: Carved stones and glasses enhance whiskey tasting, all presented in an elegant case.
  • Keep the Flavor Intact: The stones cool the whiskey without diluting it, ensuring optimal tasting.
  • Perfect Gift: Thanks to its thoughtful design and quality accessories, this set is the ideal gift for special occasions.

💡 Directions for use: Put the stones in the freezer for a few hours before using. When you want to taste your whiskey, use the tongs to put 2 or 3 stones in your glass before serving. After use, wash the stones by hand, dry them and put them back in the pouch in the freezer.

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