Transparent Cocktail Kit

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We all love a good cocktail, but sometimes making them at home can be a little difficult.

This is where the transparent cocktail kit comes into play! This handy little kit contains everything you need to make perfect cocktails every time, and everything is transparent so you can see exactly what you're doing.

The kit includes a 400ml continental shaker , a 26cm cocktail spoon , a 15ml and 30ml double cocktail measuring glass and a cocktail muddler. Everything you need to make delicious cocktails that will impress your friends.

The best part is that everything is clear, you can see exactly what you are doing and how much of each ingredient you are using. No more guesswork and mistakes!

Next time you have friends over for drinks, don't stress about making the perfect cocktails. Just grab your clear cocktail kit and let the good times flow.

  • Continental Cocktail Shaker in stainless steel/glass 400 ml
  • 26cm cocktail spoon to mix everything together
  • Cocktail Measuring Glass 15ml / 30ml (i.e. 1.5cl / 3cl)
  • 1 Cocktail muddler

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