Mixology: the essential utensils for making your cocktails

Mixologie : les ustensiles indispensables pour réaliser vos cocktails - Le Coin Du Barman : Le Spécialiste Des Cocktails

To make your cocktails optimally , it is important to choose quality ingredients, but that's not all. The use of adequate tools is also necessary. They must be adapted to allow you to create your mixtures in the best possible conditions. Measure out the ingredients then prepare them, mix, serve and decorate : each of these steps requires specific equipment. Discover our list of essential utensils for making your cocktails .


To be successful, a cocktail must be prepared using the correct measurements . This is why it is essential to equip yourself with precise equipment that will allow you to pour your liquids and ingredients in the right quantity.

The Cocktail Jigger

The cocktail jigger (also called a “ measure ” or “ alcohol jigger ”) is one of the most useful and inexpensive utensils in mixology. It is a small hourglass-shaped object that allows liquids to be measured precisely and quickly . It is made up of two containers (graduated in the majority of cases) which are opposite each other and whose volumes are generally as follows:

  • 15 ml on one side and 30 ml on the other
  • 30 ml on one side and 45 ml on the other
  • 20 ml on one side and 40 ml on the other

The pouring cap (also called pouring spout)

The pouring spout is an accessory that replaces the traditional cap on bottles. It allows the alcohol to flow more slowly and evenly into the glass. It is a particularly practical utensil for making drip . Some models are equipped with a cap which allows the bottles to be hermetically sealed.

The precision balance

Many cocktails are made from solid ingredients, such as fruits, herbs or even spices. It is then necessary to weigh them precisely . For these recipes, a precision scale is essential. You can use an electronic kitchen scale for this.

cocktail utensils

Prepare the ingredients

When making a cocktail , certain ingredients require prior preparation. Press, grind, cut … discover below the list of essential utensils for preparing the ingredients for a cocktail .

The cocktail muddler

Many cocktail recipes require the ability to grind one or more ingredients. To do this, the cocktail muddler is ideal. It can be used with a mortar or directly in the glass, as is the case for mint leaves or lemon.

The citrus press

It is a utensil widely used when making cocktails . It will allow you to squeeze your citrus fruits easily. We advise you to opt for a glass or stainless steel model which will last over time and will be “healthier” than plastic. You can choose it manual or electric.

The grater

The grater will be particularly useful for you to obtain citrus zest, nutmeg powder or chocolate chips . We advise you to opt for a model that has blades of different sizes so that it can be versatile.

The cutting board

This is an essential basic that is good to add to the list. It will be useful to allow you to cut your ingredients without damaging your work surface . For more practicality, opt for a model with an integrated knife.


This is the heart of making cocktails . It's difficult to separate mixology from the action of mixing. Discover the essential utensils .

The shaker

If there's one tool you must have, it's this one! It will allow you to mix your liquids correctly to obtain a homogeneous cocktail . We advise you to opt for a stainless steel model which will be more solid than those made of glass.

The mixer (or blender)

When preparing your cocktails , the mixer will be useful to obtain a homogeneous and frothy texture. Be careful not to use it to crush ice cubes: this will damage the blades.

The mixing glass

The mixing glass is a utensil that allows you to prepare straight up cocktails , which do not need to be shaken. It comes in the form of a large glass with a thick rim and is usually graduated. It constitutes the lower part of certain shakers. After being poured into the mixing glass , the ingredients are usually mixed using a mixing spoon . The cocktail can then be strained and served.

The cocktail spoon

Here is another essential utensil . The cocktail spoon is useful for mixing liquids that should not be shaken. It allows you to do this directly in the glass and can also be used to measure the ingredients or to make the liquids flow along the wall of the glass, as is done for example when making a layered cocktail. It consists of a long handle (generally 28 cm) which allows you to easily reach the bottom of the glass, with one flat end and another spoon-shaped end.

The cocktail filter or strainer

After making your cocktail , you may need a utensil to help you filter out unwanted elements such as seeds, large pieces of fruit or excess pulp or ice cubes. You can use a filter or cocktail strainer to do this. Some shakers are coupled with a filter. If this is not the case, we advise you to opt for a stainless steel model which will be easy to clean.

cocktail decoration

Serve and decorate

Once your cocktail is finished , you may want to embellish it and highlight it with a few accessories. Discover the essential utensils for serving and decorating your cocktails .

Cocktail glasses

Difficult to serve your cocktail without them. No drinks, no cocktails! Mixology experts know it better than anyone: for each cocktail, there is a dedicated glass. If you are a beginner and do not want to purchase numerous glasses, you can choose a tumbler glass which will be suitable for many cocktail recipes .

Straws, umbrellas, cocktail sticks…

The decoration is the final touch of your cocktail . It can be achieved using numerous accessories that will meet all your desires. Stainless steel straws , umbrellas, stirrers … all you have to do is make your choice.

Non-essential utensils

Some accessories are less necessary than others. Discover below the list of utensils that are not essential... but which we still like to have with us when making cocktails !

The ice crusher

The ice crusher can be useful when you want to put ice in your cocktails. It is used to easily crush ice manually.

Pulp strainer

The pulp strainer has a very fine mesh (finer than a traditional strainer). It is used to filter the pulp and seeds when using pressed fruit juice. A filter can be used alternatively.

The zester

The zester is a utensil that allows you to easily obtain citrus zest . A grater can be used alternatively.

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